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In all these works, L. Instead, the city assumes a leading role, becoming itself a major character in the dark dramas unfolding on its mean streets. Marrying stylish European cynicism with raw American angst and originally written to be as disposable as the past lives of the ambitious dreamers who came to L. Noir, argues David Ulin , assistant professor of the practice of English , takes the mythology of L.

It was a place to throw off your past, to reinvent yourself, a city bursting with opportunity and imbued, of course, with the glamour of Hollywood. Come to L. It was in this city of paradoxes and contradictions that noir flourished, offering in both literature and film a stylishly cynical vision of L.

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Ulin defines noir as writing that grows out of Depression-era desperation and the sense that whatever promise the American dream offered has been betrayed in some way, stripped away or made unavailable by economic hardship. Detectives investigate a corpse found on the bed of the Los Angeles River, circa Photo courtesy of the Los Angeles Police Museum.

It is, he argues, the flip side of aspiration — the dark underbelly of an idealistic vision of prosperity, good health and self-fulfillment. Both noir and aspiration, he notes, coexist as a vital part of L. So, the idea that you come to L. He portrays L.

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That dark side of L. There was certainly no shortage of material, particularly in the first half of the 20th century. In addition to L. The Millennium Biltmore Hotel, the last place Short was seen alive, still serves a Black Dahlia cocktail in her memory. It still is, in some ways. Another reason that noir flourished in L.

High-class hockey on horseback, with horses costing more than hookers, was in Greenwich, Conn.

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George Venizelos, a broker who else, right? Each player has six ponies. None dare poop on the field. Attendees have to use off-the-turf port-a-potties, where I learned that the Ritz-Carlton is coming out with its own rentable yacht.

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Back to work. They say typical symptoms of stress are eating too much, talking too much, impulse shopping and driving too fast. They kidding? Read Next. This story has been shared 35, times. This story has been shared 22, times.

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Cindy Adams. View author archive Get author RSS feed. Name required. Email required. Comment required. Enlarge Image. More from: Cindy Adams. All four dames are real dames. Dame Commanders of the Order of the British Empire. A few things that Simon said Neil Simon lived next door to me.

We need some things that are new and fresh. McCain, Neil Simon. Weight for it I reported that Paul Manafort, formerly located around the White House, had gained weight.

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